Herbal remedies for optimal health

“For the doctor of the future, nutrition and herbal remedies will be used to cure and prevent diseases rather than using drugs” – Thomas Edison

Herbal remedies are mother nature's best kept secrets to help you achieve optimal health. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, heard of that saying? Of course you have. Well, I say, a herb a day, keeps several doctors away, way way longer.

Welcome to i-herbal, a website dedicated to raising awareness and educating you on the wonders of herbal remedies in the realization of your health. On landing on this page, you will learn about true wealth……which is your health, the most valuable weapon you have in your life.
Your health is the foundation of everything you do. And everything you aspire to do. Without it, everything you do, or try to do, fails as you are not at your optimum. When you are healthy, you provide your body the platform to maintain better stamina, strength and vitality. What’s more you keep diseases away in a natural way.
The human body’s resistance to diseases rests largely on an individual’s choices about what to eat, where to live and how to find a balance between challenging activity, stress and rest as well as the cultivation of emotional and spiritual well being.

“Today more than 95% of all chronic diseases is caused by food choices, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies and a lack of physical exercise” – Mike Adams

For years the food industry has been convincing us that processed and denatured food is “healthy food.” So let me ask you.
  Are you healthy?
  Do you feel healthy?
  Is it natural for us to be constantly sick?
  Do you feel that the junk we eat today is properly balanced and full of what your bodies need?
I bet the answer to the questions above is a big no.
This deception by the food industry has caused many people to pay dearly with their health and lives. Never before in the history of mankind have there been so many people suffering from so many illnesses as right now.
Heart diseases, strokes, high blood pressure, cancer,   arthritis, obesity, diabetes and many more cases are on the rise all the time. Most of these illnesses are as a result of how we lead our lives and most importantly what we eat.
If modern artificial medicine was the answer, surely, these cases would be preventable. Would there be so many of us who are unhealthy and sickly? The truth is, while modern medicine focuses on treating symptoms (when you are already sick), and sometimes work, they do not focus on what caused the illness in the first place and how it can be prevented in future.
They seek the magic bullet miracle medicine. Magic bullets are only for the movies in most cases. And many times when they do, there is often the risk of suffering unseen dangerous side effects. My story is a testament to that.

Herbal Remedies is the Way to Go

On the other hand, natural, traditional and herbal remedies, passed down to us through the ages, by our ancestors, look at the cause of the illness and prevent them from happening again. This is done in a safe and surprising effective way without the potential of suffering dangerous side effects.
Thankfully dedicated pioneers, scientists and inspired lay people have always kept faith in the laws of nature as the way back to health. As an herbal practitioner I am here to guide and provide information to you in eating a balanced diet with the right herbal remedies and supplements to help prevent and cure diseases and generally maintain optimal health.

What this Website is About

The power of herbal remedies and knowledge that has been passed down to from generation is as solid as it is essential. I am here to pay forward the wealth of knowledge and experience that I have garnered over 10 years now to those who need it. I will show you:

  • Which herbs and herbal remedies to take for various diseases and ailments for example anxiety, coughs and colds, depression and arthritis just to name a few.
  • Getting the best herbs from the very best and trusted online merchants at an affordable price.
  • How to take the herbs. Taking the right dosage is very important and some herbs are not to be mixed with conventional drugs.
  • Herbal recipes. For example, herbs like garlic and rosemary are excellent for nutrition,well being and keep your "Chi" at an optimum level.
  • How to grow, harvest and store herbs.
  • I will even share herbal remedies for dogs!

Delve in and explore what is offered here with enthusiasm and positivity. Here's wishing you optimal health achieved naturally!

P.S. If you might be wondering what "chi" is! It's also known as Qi. Qi is frequently translated as "natural energy", "life force", or "energy flow". Qi is the central underlying principle in traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts.

P.S.S As I share this priceless information you, I encourage you to also share about your thoughts, questions and your experiences that you may have had with herbs and remedies on any topic/disease/ simply to keep healthy.

Alternatively,  contact me personally via the contact me page. I am happy to help in any way I can. Here's to your optimal health and wellness.

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