About Me

Hi! My name is Marvin Lox. I am here to share with you the secrets about the amazing healing power of herbs and herbal remedies to alleviate the suffering of major diseases.

Ever since I started using herbs a little over 10 years ago, I have not been admitted to hospital due to illness and rarely do I ever fall sick.....

I thank God for for showing me the healing power of herbs. I use herbs everyday without fail, even when I'm not sick. I have since come to know that that's the secret of staying disease free. Even my dog, Zamba has his fair dosage of herbal remedies and he loves them!!!!!  We haven't been to the vet for quite a while and he's very happy.

You might be wondering how I got interested in herbs.

Here is My Story

“Don’t eat anything your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food. There are a great many food like items in the supermarket your ancestors wouldn’t recognize as food……stay away from them” – Michael Pollan

“Eat your Vegetables!”
At 5 years or so, I didn’t know what to cringe at when I heard that. My mom’s stern voice or the thought of stuffing my mouth full of veggies….oh! The horror!
She wasn’t always stern though…….she devised clever ways to get me to eat those veggies…..wholesome. As most moms do. One particularly got me every time and made me more than a willing customer. It was ….Popeye, the cartoon.

That dude's strength was unbelievable! And when she caught on that I was in love with him, she would now say, “You know, Popeye is strong because he eats plenty of veggies. If you want to be as big and strong as he is, eat your veggies.” The manner in which I would gobble up those vegetables every time she told me this is stuff of legends.
And this is how it was growing up. Herbal remedies in the food we ate, was the order of the day, every day. I honestly can say, in my childhood, I can’t remember suffering illnesses other kids got except for the occasional cold.
Let’s fast forward to when I turned 18. You know that feeling of freedom you get…the independence when you leave ‘the nest’. I had sails on my back and the world in front of me. I could make my own decisions about my life, what I ate, did, said, hang out with, etc.

Things fall Apart......

Here is where I believe things began to go downhill. Freedom does indeed come with responsibility. A lesson I learnt the hard way.
I was no different from the next guy my age. But something had indeed changed in me. I quickly forgot my mom’s advice which had served me so well about eating. I substituted natural herbal remedies in the form of what I ate for junk food, processed foods, a lot of alcoholic beverages and as minimal study as possible.
I substituted natural eating habits for microwave eating habits. After all, it was fast, convenient, tasty and ready. Who had time to cook a proper meal? The only proper balanced meal that I had in those days full of herbal remedies, vitamins and proper nutrients was when I went home to visit my folks.

These visits of course became less and less when I entered the working class. I was a “happy”, malnourished, binge drinker living with two guys who shared similar beliefs as I did. We had no cooker, no pots or pan or a fridge. We had a cooler for the beers and soda, and a microwave for the take outs, pizza, burgers and French fries.  This was our staple diet.
It was during this period that I began falling ill. This was foreign to me. I would suffer from never-ending coughs and colds, hemorrhoids, food poisoning and all sorts of other illnesses.
Needless to say, that my work also began to suffer. Slowly at first and then, well, in a big way. I would take sick offs all the time to tend to my health. This of course inevitably, led to my termination from my job.
Then came the constant visits to hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. Nothing did change. My situation seemed to worsen .I couldn’t hold a job for 6 months due to this.  And why would it? My lifestyle hadn’t changed one bit. Junk food, processed food, drinking, microwave, rinse and repeat. The illnesses also rinsed and repeated.
Soon, I had no job and no money which raised my stress levels and compounded on my already unhealthy state.

The road back through herbal remedies!!!!

Constantly ill, stressed, weak, frustrated, broke and quickly falling into depression, I turned to the internet for a way to get my health and life back. I figured that somewhere out there, there must be something that would help me. It was then that I came across alternative medicine through herbal remedies.
I stumbled upon an article on esoteric treatise on Occult Medicine by Samael Aun Weor. To say that this article changed my path and life and pulled me from the brink of destruction is an understatement. This article opened my eyes to the power of healing herbs and eating a balanced diet in a profound way.
Following the article and additional research in the world of herbal remedies (and a very good friend) I joined a company that promoted herbal products and was unleashed into the world of herbal remedies. This was over 10 years ago.....

Needless to say,I reversed the situation I found myself in.  I haven’t looked back and I take my health as my number one priority knowing that my health is my wealth. I am stronger, have no illnesses, fitter person not only in the body but in mind and spirit as well.

What I do

I help people discover the healing power of herbs. The wisdom of natural healing has been omitted from the teachings of medical schools. The rise in power of conventional medicine, with its emphasis on treating symptoms with chemical-based drugs, has forced nutrition and natural medicine to the fringes of healthcare with disastrous results.

Conventional medicine, while life saving for acute emergencies, accidents and poisonings, has very little to offer to the masses suffering from the ravages of chronic illnesses. Arthritis, diabetes, cancer respond poorly to conventional medicine, which focuses on eliminating symptoms - not sickness. In many cases, the side effects of conventional medicine are worse than the disease themselves.

I am an absolute believer and proponent of herbs and herbal remedies. I have studied herbal medicine from wise men and women who have had this tradition for generation after generation. I have in turn helped and advised countless people on herbal remedies from Ayurveda remedies, to Chinese and African medicine. It's all here for your taking. You are in very safe hands.

That's enough about me. Lets focus on what I have to offer! Here is to your health and wellness!

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