Arthritis Natural Remedies

Although there is no cure for arthritis, arthritis natural remedies provide soothing and relief from the pain caused by the condition. This makes life just a bit easier to get by and in so doing improves their quality of life. Here are a few quick fire facts about arthritis natural remedies you should know.

What are Arthritis Natural Remedies?

They are a mixture of a number of herbs from various plants sources that serve as soothing agents and provide some healing properties for the pain in the joints.

How are the Remedies Best Taken?

The best and the most effective way of ingesting the remedies is in liquid form. Arthritis natural remedies taken as juices are particularly powerful.

This is due to the fact they are more readily infused into the body and greatly enhance the healing properties of the herbs in affected areas.

How Do I Know Which Remedy to Choose?

The remedy you choose is entirely up to you but there are a few factors that you should bear in mind. The most important factors that go into determining what remedy is best for you includes the type of arthritis you have, the severity of the arthritis, accessibility to the different herbs and how regularly you take the herb.

What Remedies Work Best for Rheumatoid Arthritis?

If suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, take the following remedies:

  • To reduce inflation, Use jumper oil to rub painful affected areas a few times a day.
  •  Take a tablespoon of birch leaf juice thrice a day.
  •  To alleviate pain, take 3 capsules of dandelion a day. Alternatively, taking a tablespoon of it in juice or in a cup of tea twice a day for six weeks. It is also useful in making connective tissues stronger.
  • To reduce inflammation that occurs in connective tissues and reduce uric acid, take 3 tablets of devil’s claw root for 6 weeks in dosages of 400 mg.
  • To relieve joint and limb pains as well as uric acid take a tablespoon of parsley juice thrice a day for 6 weeks. Stop for 3 weeks and then continue intake for another 6 weeks.
  •  If suffering from gout, boil a teaspoon of celery seeds in a cup of water for 15 minutes. The, strain it and slowly sip the drink.
  • Mix a tablespoon of olive oil in 10 drops of St. John’s Wort oil and use it to massage joints that are painful. Use a brush. After the massage, ensure that you take it easy on a bed for at least an hour.
  •  Fuse rosemary, hayseed and juniper berries into a hot bath. Bath for at least 30 minutes.
  •  To relieve muscle pains and joint pains, take a tablespoon of dong quai and mix it into juice thrice daily.

What Remedies Can I Use for Osteoarthritis?

The following arthritis natural remedies will be effective for osteoarthritis:

  •  To help reduce spasms, add 5 drops of angelica oil to a hot bath
  • A teaspoon of devil’s claw root in powder form dissolved into warm water will provide relief. Drink this thrice a day.
  •  To help rebuild damaged bones, take 3 capsules of the horsetail herb each day for 2 weeks, every month. ( Take for 2 weeks, and stop for 2 weeks)

I have a Slight Flare Up in my Joints. Are there any Remedies I can Use?

  • One of the best remedies to use is to apply hay-flower into a bath and add strained celery seeds, wild yam and willow leaves.
  • Taking a Hot drink of willow bark tea also helps with flare ups. Make by boiling a cup of water and add a teaspoon of willow bark. Leave for 10 minutes, strain and drink twice a day. Do not add any sweeteners to the drink as it will negate the effects of the remedy.

Arthritis natural remedies work with the body to help reduce inflammation of joints and provide relief from pain. It is however prudent to continue seeking the services of a professional and continue on the medication you have been prescribed.

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