The Best Natural Sleeping Aid to Get Your Sleep Back On

Finding the best natural sleeping aid can be a torrid and frustrating affair. Trying this aid or that one, picked at random rarely helps. Perhaps this is why you find yourself on this page......

You see, while some aids may be effective for a given person, it may not be for another. We are all built driven, do different things, ea different things and so on. We are all unique!

The trick to finding the correct and most effective natural sleeping aid is to first understand the cause of your lack of sleep and then matching it to the right sleeping aid.

This article explores the different natural aids that you can use to get rid of insomnia.

What Works For You?

What you do, what you consume and how you consume it often determines the best natural sleeping aid that will work for you.

For example a person suffering from insomnia as a result of changing work shifts will need different sleeping aids from the person suffering sleeplessness from emotional issues.

Similarly, the person who takes way too much caffeine and caffeine products will need different sleeping aids than the person who physically overworks during the day.

Finding, the your cause for insomnia is as important as it is essential. Look up an article I wrote about common causes of insomnia a few months ago.

Next, lets look at the best natural sleeping aid for you depending on the cause of your current situation.

Choosing the Best Natural Sleeping Aid

Below are some sleeping aids that you can take depending on what you do or the situation that you are in. These aids are meant to be taken for up to 2 weeks.

For each listed below, take 2 tablets of the recommended sleeping aids and let them dissolve under your tongue. Do this 3 times every fifteen minutes.

  • Cocculus – Use this if insomnia is caused as a result of changing work shifts or you find yourself awake on many nights.
  • Arnica – This aid is most effective for those who suffer from excessive exhaustion as a result of physical work. It is also effective from those suffering from jet lag as well as those who are uncomfortable when sleeping (for example sleeping on a hard bed)
  • Coffea – This is effective from individuals who find themselves suddenly excited when they are supposed to be asleep. As a result, they remain awake and buzzing just like after you have a cup of strong coffee. (Ironically, Coffea is made from the coffee bean)
  • Nux Vomica – These are most effective for those who suffer from terminal insomnia. This type of insomnia arises from alcohol, certain foods, getting off sedatives or from mental stress. The person is generally irritable as they wake up too early only to find sleep when they are supposed to be waking up. (Hence the irritability!)
  •  Ignatia – This is excellent for a person who frequently yawns or sighs as a result of some form of emotional turmoil that they are undergoing at that particular time.

The next 3 are the best natural sleeping aids in the form of tissue salts.

For these, take 4 tablets under the tongue and repeat the fifteen minute routine three times.

  •  Mag Phos – This should be taken if sleeplessness is caused by exhaustion or nervousness or emotional distress.
  •   Kali Phos – These are to be used if you are over excited, if you are very nervous as a result of something or if you are worrying over something too much.
  • Nat Mur – These aids are taken if you are sad for one reason or another, are overly restless or when you don’t feel refreshed and recharged after a nights’ sleep.

In Conclusion.....

 Choosing the best natural sleeping aid for you can be the difference in eliminating insomnia and restoring natural sleeping patterns. Remember, as you take the above recommendations, keep the correct dosages and employ the best sleep hygiene and practices to supplement the sleeping aids.

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