Understanding the causes of eczema

"I want to know the causes of eczema and how I can avoid this disease. An agitated 38 year old woman holding her 14 year daughter by her hand demanded to get answers from me. She explained to me how her  daughter had been involved in a lot of bullying from her schoolmates and was contemplating suicide due to her eczema.

Eczema not only affects your physical appearance but affects your general self esteem.The  psychological and social impact of eczema are a huge concern. For a teenage girl like her, peer 
acceptance is very important and unfortunately it has been found that there are strong links between physical appearance and attractiveness and peer status.

Understanding more about the causes  will help make medicine matter, help make it better,  in part because it forces us to be better listeners. This girl was suffering from severe atopic eczema and I was determined to see this teenage girl get back her self esteem and most important enjoy the best years of her life.

The case of the ginger bread girl

 I put her on diet watch. What does this mean? Over a two 
week course eliminate certain foods that you eat frequently for example red meat. I found that some patients of severe eczema ate red meat on a daily basis as compared to those suffering a less severe form of eczema who ate red meat twice or thrice a week.  This diet plan has always worked if  meticulously followed. I also put her on aloe vera juice. 3 glasses to be taken at least three times a day. She was also to apply aloe vera gel on her face in the morning and evening, leave it for 10  minutes and wash it off.

Relief from eczema

After two weeks, the teen girl and her mother came to visit me and not only had the atopic eczema gone down  but both were in a very happy and joyous mood. I was equally happy for both of them and was curious to know what had made the eczema to significantly disappear.

Melissa, the teenage girl had followed the diet watch program and she eliminated  bread from her diet and the eczema cleared. She told me that she was a big fun of bread. She would eat one and a half  loaves of bread daily. She ate all her meals with bread and to be specific white bread. That's how she ended up being called the ginger bread girl because her hair was also ginger, interestingly enough.

Causes of eczema and how to reduce the severity

There have been numerous cases like that of Melissa who have suffered under eczema but that doesn't  have to be so. Out of the many years of experience these are some of the causes of eczema.

Be less carnivorous

Eating of red meat on a daily basis produces toxins in the body which can cause  inflammation. Reduce the number of times you eat meat in a week and also the amount per serving.


Also known to trigger eczema, wheat products are harmful especially refined products such as white bread, pizzas, hamburgers. Eat brown bread and black bread.

Drink filtered water

Chlorinated tap water is a definite skin irritant and can be associated with many different types of rashes, including eczema. Chlorinated water can destroy polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, and generate toxins capable of free radical damage.


The effects of sun, wind or extremes in temperatures are also causes of eczema. 

Other causes of eczema are:

  • Cosmetics
  • Household chemicals
  • Metal jewelry

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