Eczema natural treatment

Eczema natural treatment involves the use of herbal therapy, nutritional supplements, nutrition and other non-conventional methods to help reduce the effects of eczema. More and more people are straying from modern medicine and turning to natural and herbal supplements for their daily health needs. This shift has come as the list of side effects for numerous medications continues to grow, while more and more reports indicate that the medications themselves are not working as promised, or are not powerful enough to warrant the side effect risk.

Can eczema be cured with natural treatment?

Before we delve into the natural supplements that are valuable for treating eczema, it's important to understand what eczema natural treatment is. The first thing to understand is that herbal supplements and natural treatments have the same purpose as prescription medication – to provide you with an immediate way of reducing the effects of eczema while you figure out a way to cure it long term.

There's no such thing as a natural medicine that cures eczema, because eczema can't be "cured" through medicinal means. It can only be prevented in the moment, and will still come back as soon as you stop taking the supplement without additional help. When one combines natural treatment with proper hygiene one can drastically reduce  the effects of eczema.


Are herbs safe?

It's also important to clear up a very common misconception about herbal and natural treatments, that because they're natural, they're safe.

There is some additional safety to using a natural solution. Consuming chemicals simply cannot be as healthy for your body as consuming something natural, like an herb.

But the more powerful the herb is, the more likely you're going to have side effects, because many of the side effects of modern medications are not from the chemicals, but from the action.

Similar does not mean identical, so it's absolutely possible for an herbal medicine to be safer, but keep that in mind, especially if you take any other herbs or medicines. There may be an interaction risk or a dietary risk. The best thing you can do is make sure your doctor approves of any herbal supplement before you take it.

Best eczema natural treatment

Eczema natural treatment are excellent for moisturizing, healing, cleansing and soothing irritated skin.

  • After bathing, gently dry well, then apply eczema ointment such as chickweed, calendula or aloe vera cream, olive oil or evening primrose oil to help restore moisture and promote healing.
  • In case of eczema based on a nervous condition, take calming teas of lemon balm, peppermint and valerian.
  • Fresh juice of burdock leaf, stinging nettle, dandelion or chickweed to cleanse the body internally. Take 1Tbsp of juice daily.
  • In the evening, rub the affected areas with St. John's wort oil.
  • Allergic eczema can be relieved by bathing with camomile, chickweed, witch hazel, horsetail, comfrey or golden-seal: dissolve 2-3 tbsp. of herb for each quart of hot water and bathe skin.
  • Adding unrefined, cold-pressed flax seed oil to the daily diet will usually alleviate eczema. Flax seed oil contains the omega-6  essential fatty acid linoleic acid and is the best dietary source of the omega-3 essential fatty acid alpha-linoleic acid.
  • Eat pumpkin seeds or sunflower sees daily for zinc. Zinc and vitamin B6 are needed to metabolize essential fatty acids. These are dependent  enzymes usually missing in eczema patients.
  • Mango and apricots are good healing fruits for skin problems as they are rich in beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A), which are essential for healthy skin. Other good beta-carotene sources are carrots, yams, spinach and blueberries.
  • Nutritional supplements can help treat imbalances and improve overall health. Take daily dosages of:
  1. Evening primrose oil, two 500mg capsules three times daily
  2. vitamin B complex, 100mg
  3. Vitamin B6, 50 mg
  4. Magnesium, 100 mg
  5. Vitamin C, with bioflavanoids, 1,000mg 3-5 times daily
  6. Zinc, 30mg, with 3mg copper.
  • Acupressure is also a good eczema natural treatment but may be expensive. May work via nerve pain and itch modulation, but also has global effects on the body, decreasing stress and improving the sense of well-being.
  • An oatmeal bath is very soothing. Place 1 cup of oatmeal in a cotton bag or nylon stocking and hang under faucet. Rub the bag over the affected areas.
  • Regular exercise in fresh air will greatly relieve this condition by helping to detoxify the body and relieve stress.
  • Moderate morning sunbathing is beneficial.
  • Apply therapeutic clay poultices to soothe and heal the skin.
  • Add 1 tbsp. of liquid concentrated whey to herbal tea to greatly improve eczema.

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