Food for Arthritis

While consuming the right food for arthritis can’t produce instant desired outcomes, it offers massive benefits. Essentially, the food works alongside the body, remedies and medication through nutrients to restore biological elements that were damaged.

This is the only effective method to rebuild naturally instead of just trying to contain the symptoms that occur from arthritis.

Obesity and Arthritis

If you are overweight or obese it is necessary that you shed the extra weight first and foremost. This is because the extra weight places undue pressure and strain on your joints which are already being damaged by the disease.

One of the most effective long term methods to do this is by sticking to a diet that comprises large amounts of raw vegetables and fruits.

Choosing the Right Food for Arthritis

You should try to limit the consumption of protein you take as much as possible. Protein derived from animal sources in particular should be given a wide berth.

Instead, go for proteins that are from plant sources for example legumes, potatoes and soy beans. They provide excellent protein sources without hindering the treatment of arthritis.

Having said that, it’s important to know that consuming too much protein (even from plant sources) can result in the production of uric acid that settles in the joints.

In addition, if too much protein is ingested, some may not be completely broken down during digestion. These partly digested protein nutrients can now begin to act as allergens which may result in an onset of intense pain.

Vegetables and Fruits

This is by far the most beneficial food for arthritis to include into your diet. Vegetables and fruits are good because they create alkaline within the body which counters the effects of uric acid in the joints.

The following are a list of vegetables and fruits as well as the benefits they provide to patients that suffer from arthritis:

  • Cabbage, lettuce and Alfalfa sprats help in alleviating the effects of arthritis due to the silica nutrients they contain within them.
  • Cherries and raspberries provide alkali properties which combat the uric acid in the body. Chestnuts are also beneficial.
  • Dark leafy vegetables containing vitamin C and vitamin E. These help in building and maintaining cartilage within the body.
  • Cereals, pears and apples contain the boron nutrient which helps in maintaining healthy bones in the body.
  •  Vegetable oils provide lubrication of the joints and reduce effects of arthritis attacks.  Go for walnut oil, pumpkin seed oil and flax seed oil.
  • Ginger is also good in providing relief from arthritis attacks through the production of enzymes.

What Foods You Should Avoid

The foods should be avoided as they interrupt the functions of the body’s muscles. This is as a result of solaline enzyme they contain.

  •  Green Pepper
  • Animal Source of protein for example meat
  • Tomatoes
  • Eggplants

Foods for arthritis are a more long lasting solution to the arthritis treatment. Eating right ensures that the body gets the right nutrients and the best chance to provide immunity and also aids other remedies and drugs meant to treat symptoms.

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