Herbal Remedies for PMS

Herbal remedies for PMS are a highly effective way to provide relief from both the physical and emotional imbalances that occur before menstruation.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) normally occurs up to 2 weeks before the beginning of the menstrual period. However, PMS is not considered as part of the normally cycle because while many women go through it, many women also don't (or won't) experience it either.

Herbal remedies for PMS contain properties that help the body to restore the extreme   hormonal changes that occur during the period.

Mostly, PMS will occur as a result of many factors particularly maintaining a poor nutrition which is in turn linked to prostaglandis imbalance and hormone-like fatty acids.

Symptoms of PMS

  1. General irritability and constant mood swings
  2. Feeling of being bloated
  3. Weight gain
  4. Strong food cravings
  5. Insomnia
  6. Headaches and back pains
  7. Dizziness and fainting
  8. Tender or swollen breasts, hands and/or feet
  9. Abdominal cramps
  10. Forgetfulness
  11. Acne may also arise
  12. Mental fatigue, depression bouts and physical exhaustion

Causes of PMS

  • Poor eating habits lacking the proper nutrients
  • Taking too much meat and meat products
  • Taking too much salt, sugar, coffee and refined white flour products. These actually aggravate symptoms
  • A lack of sleep
  • Stress and emotional turmoil
  • A liver that is sluggish. The liver is the workhorse of the body. Its work is to breakdown and detoxify hormones.
  • A lack of exercise as it lowers he body's resistance to disease.

6 Herbal Remedies for PMS

1. Yarrow and Lady's Mental

These 2 herbs are excellent in relieving cramps that may be suffered during the period. To make as effective as possible:

  • Take a tablespoon of the combined herbs of yarrow and lady's mental. Each should be in equal measure
  • Pour the mix into a cup of boiling water
  • Take a cup of the remedy thrice a day preferably in the morning, afternoon and evening

2. Damiana

The damiana herb is effective in balancing the changing hormones within the body. It also helps in enhancing much needed energy which is depleted during the period

Take 20 drops of damiana as a tincture three times a day

3. Black Cohosh, Mugwort, Dong Quai

These herbs are excellent when mixed in equally with lady's mantle. They are great in regulating the menstrual cycle.

Pour the mix into a cup of boiling water and take the combination as a tea as it is most effective. Drink three times a day.

4. Black Cohosh, Oat Seed, Dong Quai, Blue Valerian, Passion Flower and Chaste Tree Berry

These form excellent herbal remedies for PMS as they clear most of the symptoms as listed above.

Each herb should be mixed in equally in powder form. Next take a teaspoon of the mix and pour into a cup of boiling water. Let it steep for 15 minutes and then strain.

Drink this, unsweetened, thrice a day

5. St. John's Wort Oil

St. John's Wort Oil is one of the best all round remedies. For PMS, they provide relief from abdominal cramps.

Before the menstruation period begins, place hot St. John's Wort oil wraps on the lower abdomen. Rub the hot oil over the lower abdomen and then cover it with a cotton compress. Remove from the abdomen after 2 hours.

This herbal remedy should be taken each time symptoms arise

6. Chaste Tree Berries

This herbal remedies for pms are effective in facilitating the normalization of the hormonal function in the body. The herb is even more effective when combined with a drop of evening primarose oil.

Take 2 drops of the berries as a tincture in water each and every morning during the second half of the cycle

Additional Important Advice

Are you PMS - Heavy?

  • If you PMS is characterized by swollen feet and hands, abdominal bloating, water retention and gaining of weight, it could mean that you are PMS-Heavy (PMS-H). I f this is the case, you should avoid eating foods with too much fat, sugar and salt. It is also advisable to reduce stress in your life.

Are you PMS - Craving?

  • If your symptoms are characterized by fatigue, fainting, dizziness and heart palpitation frequently accompanied by an excess craving for sweets, you may be PMS - Craving (PMS- C).
  • If this is you, take a healthy raw food diet with vitamin C, evening primarose oil, progesterone cream.
  • It is also advisable to take several small meals a day rather than a few big ones as this will help stabilize sugar levels.

Are you PMS - Pain?

  • PMS Pain (PMS-P) is characterized by discomfort in the abdomen and tenderness of the breasts.
  • Vitamin E provides relief from these symptoms
  • Additionally, if you take coffee, replace with herbal teas and juices derived from leafy green vegetables.

Are You PMS - Depression?

  • PMS - D is characterized by depression, forgetfulness, confusion, insomnia as well as a lot of crying
  • If you are PMS -Depression, you should avoid eating cheese and drinking wine
  • For relief, take evening primarose oil combined with calcium and magnesium.

Herbal remedies for PMS are an excellent way to provide relief from the symptoms associated with PMS. However, it is also important to balance your lifestyle, that is, what you eat, drink, work, exercising as you take the remedies as this makes them most effective.

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