Herbal Remedies for Psoriasis

There are a number of herbal remedies for psoriasis that not only work, but work quite effectively in dealing with the symptoms of the disease.

While the illness is naturally combated using herbal remedies, it is essential that an individual afflicted from it remember that there are no magic bullets that exist. Taking a long term view of the treatment is essential.

It’s all Natural…………

With that in mind, the essence of this is that the remedies work with the body to deal with the problem, rather than just the symptoms

To get the best results, the treatment of psoriasis using herbs must be combined with a good nutrition and practice. Herbal remedies for psoriasis, essentially cleanse the liver, using naturally ingredients. Thus, the intake of remedies must be combined with a healthy liver diet for four months at the very least.

So, Which Herbs are used?

In making of the remedies, herbs such as chaparral, stringing nettle, comfrey, marigold, yarrow, celadine, walnut husks, willow bark, horsetail, goldenrod, dandelion, meadow sweet, speedwell and red clover just to name but a few.

8 Herbal Remedies for Psoriasis You Can Use Today

  • Use yarrow juice to rub on affected areas of the body
  • In order to soften and loosen scales that appear around the areas, apply comfrey
  • Add horsetail and marsh mallow into your bath at least three times a week.  In addition, add chaparral (leaves) into the special bath once a week.
  • Making chaparral tea is also a technique that is used to eliminate toxins. It is particularly effective when Echinacea is added to the tea. It also aids in preventing skin infections.
  • In order to purify the blood in the body and most importantly, cure psoriasis, mix the following herbs into a mix. Half a tablespoon of oak bark; 1 tablespoon of walnut husks, yarrow, common fumitory of each;  3 2 tablespoons of marigold, willow bark, Celadine, speedwell of each; 3 tablespoon of meadowsweet; 4 tablespoons of stringing nettle. Next boil some water and steep a half teaspoon of the mix into a cup of boiling water to release the nutrients into the hot water for half a minute. Ensure you take 8 cups a day.
  • To rejuvenate the liver, take dandelion juice. Ensure you take a tablespoon of the juice each day.
  • To eliminate toxins and cleanse the liver, take 3 cups of the kidney tea and goldenrod tea.
  • Apply red clover cream and/or ointment into your tea as it helps in alleviating skin problems.

Apart from herbal remedies for psoriasis, there are also other natural remedies that you can use including homeopathic remedies and tissue salts. Nutrition and supplements also play a key part in  the treatment of the illness including more serious variations such as psoriatic arthritis.

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