Do Herbal Sleep Remedies Really Work?

I often come across people doubting the power of herbal sleep remedies in eliminating insomnia. 

  • Do Herbal sleep remedies really work?
  • What helps you sleep better?
  • Are there any herbal sleep aids that can help you sleep better?

An All Too Familiar Story....

It’s been a long and stressful day at work today. I can’t wait to get home and sleep. Lately, I haven’t been getting much sleep. But first, I have to get through this traffic. The slight headache I have is amplified by the frequent honking of other vehicles. ‘1 more hour,’ I tell myself, ‘Just hold on!’

2 hours later, I finally reach home. My eyes feel swollen and it takes what seems to be an eternity to get to my door and open it. As I do, my two children, a boy (5) and a girl (4), come rushing and shouting at my arrival. In an instant, my fatigue is temporarily lifted by their excitement.

A few hours later…………

  1. Kids homework – Check!
  2. Kids dinner – Check!
  3. Kids safely tucked in bed and asleep – Check!
  4. The very little quality time with my better half – Check!

My daily evening checklist routine is done and after a warm bath, I switch off my lights and wearily rest my battered body and mind on my bed at a half to midnight.

I close my eyes and wait for the sleep to take me.


I can’t believe I’m still awake! Thoughts begin rushing in. Thoughts of my day, the day to come, my children, my relationships, work, my mortgage, future, my better half's irritating snoring…… head is about to explode! The silence suddenly seems so loud! This happens too much to me.

After hours of endless thoughts, tossing and turning under the bed covers, numerous positions and many false alarms (in sleep terms), sleep still alludes me. And suddenly, just like that its morning. I curse under my breath as the alarm clock screams at me to get and get ready.

My morning checklist is done less than an hour later. The kids are off to school with packed lunch and I’m in the morning traffic headed back to the office.


Not to worry, You are not alone!

According to the World Health Organization, 1 in 3 people  suffer from insomnia with a further 10% suffering from mild insomnia at any one given time.

More worryingly, the American CDC has recently raised the flag on sleep deprivation calling it a public  health epidemic. as it has been linked to industrial accidents, car accidents and a whole bunch of other illnesses including diabetes.

While insomnia affects all ages, it is known to affect the over 60 age group more than any other age group. What is more, those who suffer from insomnia are more likely to suffer from back pains in the future.

The causes of insomnia are many and varied but the results are the same. They range from stress, depression and anxiety to poor sleeping habits and poor eating habits

Bottom line at best, you become fatigued due to lack of sleep ­­ which in turn begins to negatively impact on your health; specifically your emotional and physical well-being.

We all have at one time or another faced a sleepless night. When a sleepless night becomes several nights, our first reaction is to head to the nearest pharmacy and get an over the counter pill, which works in the short term.

Here is the thing though……

Sleeping pills are meant to work if taken occasionally. Not every night. Dependence on sleeping pills leads to their  ineffectiveness in helping you get a good nights' rest.

Additionally, it becomes hard to quit taking them and you are non-the-wiser with a bigger problem.

How to Get Your Sleep Back using Herbal Sleep Remedies

There is an alternative, natural way to cure your insomnia and sleep related disorders such as a melatonin deficiency and snoring. We can find the answer in mother nature. Herbal sleep remedies induce sleep by working with your body in a natural way with ingredients such as baths, teas and infusions.

There is more to the treatment of insomnia. In order for us to totally eliminate it, it is necessary that we be proactive and understand why it occurs in the first place rather than react to it when and as it happens. The key to this is to watch what we eat, how we eat, what to take more of and the activities we do during the day. Most importantly, it requires a shift in mindset as well.

Here a few natural remedies you can try today:

  • Herbal Sleep Remedy#1: Pour one cup of boiling water over two fresh lemon balm tea leaves. Leave it to settle for ten minutes the slowly slip immediately before bed time
  • Herbal Sleep Remedy#2: Mix pepper mint leaves, orange blossoms, fennel seeds, horsetails, hops, passion flower blossoms and leaves and St. John’s blossoms and leaves. This helps calm nerves and induces sleep.
  • Herbal Sleep Remedy#3: Mix St. John’s wort oil and add a mix of lavender, yarrow, fir needle, pepper mint leaves, orange blossoms, fennel seeds, horsetails, hops, passion flower blossoms and leaves into your herbal bath and take a massage.
  • Herbal Sleep Remedy#4: Wash and chop one teaspoon of fir needles. Add a cup of boiling water, stir and add a teaspoon of honey then slowly drink.
  • Herbal Sleep Remedy#5: Add two teaspoons of Valerian root to two cups of warm water in the morning and leave until leaving. Stir and warm in the evening and add a teaspoon of honey. Drink a cup before dinner and another cup just before you sleep.

The above list of herbal sleep remedies is by no means an exhaustive one. There are other natural remedies for insomnia that you can try.  There are also other things that can help you sleep better including improving your sleep hygiene,  natural remedies for sleep apnea and improve how many hours of sleep you get each night.

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