Herbal stores: Saving Time through online shopping

You are leaving the house for the herbal stores to get your herbs when you realize that you also got to pick up young Timmy from school. Thereafter, you have to take him for soccer practice. By the time you done doing those errands, you just got enough time to get back home and start preparing dinner for the family.
You think of calling your husband to pick up your herbal remedy from the herbal store but the last two times you sent him, he brought back the wrong product or he totally forgot. Well! You think to yourself…I will go to the late night herbal stores right after dinner.

Superwoman to the rescue

Wait a minute! You got to help Timmy with his homework. Meanwhile, you also got to cater for your husband attention needs. He tells you about his day at work. How his boss is forever breathing down his neck. He has tons and tons of paper work with a deadline to beat. You sympathize with him as you multitask; helping Timmy with his homework and cleaning up the dishes.

As you juggle with all these tasks, Timmy tugs on your arm. His eyes are droopy and he mumbles that he’s sleepy. You prepare Timmy for bed and its already past 9.30 pm when you tuck him into bed. You are dead beat tired.Also, superwoman needs a break!

You snuggle up against your husband who’s seated in front of the TV watching the late evening news. Before you know it you are falling asleep. Suddenly you remember you have to rush to the herbal store but it’s late so you decide to go tomorrow.

Only to remember, tomorrow morning you have the parents’ teacher meeting which could take up the whole morning. It seems like there isn’t enough time. If you could only have 36 hours in a day! Alas!

E-herbal stores

For every problem there is a solution. You remember your friend Maggie telling you about ordering herbal medicine through the web. You try your luck! You do a search on the web and you are presented with a myriad of options of buying herbal products. This helps to solve part of the problem but also confuses you even more.

There are so many sellers out there you don’t know who’s who…who is legitimate or not? Furthermore, just the other day your friend Jane was defrauded over the internet. There’s so much information that it overwhelms you. Not to worry.

E-solutions just for you

At i-herbal.com, we make sure that the herbal stores that you order from are reputable; Stores that have gotten a mark of approval by government agencies and most important the customers have approved them.

Best products

We thoroughly research the products that the stores are selling. We advise you on the best brands available; Products that have been approved by the FDA; Making sure that you are consuming safe and hygienic products.

Money saving

You don’t have to drive into town; you avoid the hustle and bustle of town experience; you avoid unnecessary traffic jam going to the drug store. The money you could have used for fuel, you can use it to buy an extra bottle of your herbal remedy.

Time saving.

You don’t have to wait an extra day to get your product even though you ordered late at night.

Value for your $$$$

We make sure we direct you to stores that offer money back guarantee. The products may have been mishandled during transportation and it’s up to the store to refund your money back or give you another product.

Extra family time

Most important! We free up your time so that you can spend more time with your family and spend less time worrying about your family’s health.

Breaking news!!

When you shop through our website, we keep you updated on the latest herbal products, news and everything that deals with herbs and general health.

Please sign up to our e-zine and our contact us form.

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