What are natural cures for anxiety?

Natural cures for anxiety are remedies that involve eating a well balanced diet, that consists mainly of fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts and whole grains, getting plenty of rest and sleep and generally stay happy and calm.

Which foods are natural cures for anxiety?

A healthy, whole foods diet emphasizing fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts and whole grains is the best insurance against attacks of anxiety. Fruits and vegetables are best eaten raw, since many vitamins and he enzymes they contain are destroyed by cooking. Pay special attention to foods rich in the B vitamins, such as:

  • whole grains
  • nuts
  • green, leafy vegetables
  • nutritional yeast
  • eggs
  • fish

Avoid coffee and cola. the caffeine they contain quickly produces an effect of uneasiness instead of the desired pleasant stimulation.

Alcohol must be avoided. Using it to quench anxiety is addictive, does not remove the cause of the anxiety and actually perpetuates the condition.

Can nutritional supplements cure anxiety?

The B vitamins lend the nervous system excellent support. They have been found to stabilize the body's lactate levels, which are responsible for anxiety attacks. Vitamin B6 is particularly important.

A lack of calcium or magnesium is also responsible for nervous tension. These minerals relax a tense and overworked nervous system. Take them before bed to improve sleep. The sensation of a lump in the throat or restlessness are likely the result of muscle spasms; it is often helped with magnesium supplementation.

Vitamin C is another excellent vitamin that combats the effects of stress.

Daily dosages:

  • Vitamin B complex, 50mg 1-3 times daily
  • P-5-P, 100mgMagnesium, 500mg
  • Calcium, 1,000mg
  • Vitamin C, with bioflavanoids, 1,000mg 3 times daily

Are there any other techniques to reduce anxiety?

In addition to eating a well balanced diet, there are also some stress-reducing techniques such as:


Get plenty of rest and sleep- a refreshed body can deal better with the tensions and burdens of life.

Exercise outdoors

Hiking, walking and swimming are the best antidotes for anxiety and tension.


Deep-breathing exercises help to oxygenate and relax the body.


Take relaxing warm baths before going to sleep.


Massage with deep thumb pressure along both sides of the spine in an upward and outward motion. Another person shuld place the palm of his or her hand on the upper stomach area (solar Plexus) of the affected person, just above the navel, with a gentle, comforting touch and hold until the anxiety attack subsides.


Dry skin-brushing provides an inigorating feeling and helps rid the body of toxins, which contribute to tenseness and anxiuos feelings.

Genital rub

The genital water rub is applied for general detoxification and is one of the many natural cures for anxiety.

Sit on a narrow board that is placed over a tub filled with 50°F or 12°C water, with feet in the water. Soak a cotton cloth in the water and generally rub over the genitals. Continue for ten minutes, then dry genital area well and rest for one hour in bed.


This is one of the most important natural cures of anxiety. They say "you are what you think" therefore have happy thoughts, read good books, watch good movies, listen to good music and practice forgiveness.

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