Reiters Syndrome

Reiters syndrome, also known as reactive arthritis, is a type of arthritis which is unique because it combines three different types of inflammation to emerge as one. 

At present, there is precious little which is known about its causes. However, sexual transmitted diseases and genetic links are believed to trigger an onset of reiters syndrome.

The condition is particularly prevalent in men and recurs in half of all the people who suffer from within half a year to a year.

What are the Symptoms of Reiters Syndrome?

  • Conjunctivitis - This is an inflammation of the outer layer of the eyes.  The infection causes irritation, itchiness, swelling and redness of the eyes. It is also known as pink eyes.
  • Pain and stiffness in the joints especially in the knees and ankles.
  • An inflammation and flare ups of the joints.
  • Uretheratis – Tis is an inflammation of the urethra
  • Fever
  •  Sometimes a genital discharge may occur. However, it is important to find out if the discharge has been cause by the condition or as a result of sexually transmitted diseases.

What foods should you Eat?

  • Certain types of fish including salmon and herring provide relief from symptoms that occur as a result of contracting reiters syndrome. They reduce inflammation flare ups due to their production of acids.
  • Avoid taking caffeine and caffeine related products which include coffee and tea. In addition, bran should also be avoided as they all disrupt mineral absorption by the body.
  •  Make sure to include plenty of raw and natural vegetables and fruits.  They are beneficial as they contain powerful anti-oxidant properties and vitamins that fight inflammation within them
  • Work cold pressed unrefined seed oils into your food on a day to day basis. It should be added to dishes that don’t require you to heat at high temperatures including pasta, cooked rice, salads and baked potatoes.

What Herbal Remedies Can I Use to Treat Reiters Syndrome?

  • To reduce inflammation, take a cup of alfalfa tea thrice a day
  • In order to provide support  to the adrenal glands, take 20 drops of Siberian ginseng and astralagas three times a day
  • To purify blood and detoxify body by promoting sweating, take a teaspoon of devil’s claw root, licorice and sassafras in a cup of boiling water. Detoxification is an essential activity that aids recovery.
  •  Take 40 drops of horsetail herb rich in silica as tincture three times a day. They restore hormonal balance which is caused by an imbalance of calcium magnesium in the body.

What Supplements Can I Take?

  • Vitamin C – Take these with bioflavonoids in 1000 mg doses. Vitamin C boosts  immunity, reduces inflammation and facilitates flexibility of stiff joints.
  • Vitamin E – These supplements the effectiveness of vitamin C and works best with tocopherols. Take in dosages  of 400 IU.
  • Vitamin A – These supplement provides relief from pink eyes ( conjunctivitis). Take in 35000 IU dosages.

Are There any other Therapies that are of Benefit?

  • Intraveneous chelation therapy helps in the reversal of the illness and return the functions of the body back to normal
  •  To soothe pain and boost immunity especially from inflammation, take daily sitz baths. You may also choose to include a dry bash to use to rub affected joints. Using a dry brush promotes detoxification which is key in recovery.

In Conclusion.....

A lot of research has been undertaken on the disease.Using the herbal remedies and foods above can provide multiple benefits in the treatment of reiters syndrome. Moreover, as they are natural, they don’t have any side effects and can be used alongside medication prescribed by your doctor.

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