Using Herbal Snore Remedies To Relieve Snoring

Snore remedies are herbs that can help you relieve snoring. However, in order for them to be as effective as possible, it is important that they be taken on a consistent basis rather than on a one-off basis.

Snoring is the curious condition that not only affects the "snorer" but also  affects others’ sleep. It bothers other people who are sleeping close by (for example causing insomnia).

In fact, snoring has the ability to kill relationships, and depending on its severity, affect your health in a serious way.

There is no magic pill to do, lets jump into it then! Lets understand what it is exactly, and what remedies are the best to treat it.

What is Snoring and What Causes It?

According to experts, approximately 50% of the world’s population occasionally snores while asleep with 25% of the population snoring every night. Snoring is also a condition that is more common in men than in women.

The snoring condition arises from a blockage of breathing passages or when these passages are slightly obstructed. People who do not snore often find that they develop the habit with allergies and colds.

In extreme cases, snoring may be caused by obstructive sleep apnea, in which the affected person suddenly gasps for air as they sleep because of a recurring inability to breathe. Sleep apnea affects the sleeping pattern.

Though they are never awake as they sleep, they are also in various states of wakefulness throughout the night. This is also affects heart rate due to the continued and frequent breathing disruption.

A Few Causes of Snoring

  1.  Overweight people are the most affected by snoring. This is because the excess weight added in the throat which causes constriction of the breathing passage.
  2. Lying on your back during sleeping sometimes can cause the tongue to roll back into the throat which slightly blocks the breathing passage.
  3. Drugs such as antihistamines and sleeping pills can also lead to snoring because they over-relax the muscles in the throat.
  4. Large and excessive consumption of alcohol while known to induce sleep are also known to bring on snoring.
  5.  Smoking cigarettes a few hours before sleeping also causes snoring. If you must do it, smoke at least three hours before turning into bed.

Herbal Snore Remedies and Therapies to Stop Snoring

As mentioned above, herbal snore remedies provide excellent results in relieving the dreaded snoring condition. Try the following:

  • Put a few drops of Japanese mint oil on the back of your hand and deeply inhale a few times just before you sleep.
  • Mix linden flowers and sage leaves in equal measure and pour into one cup of boiling water. Let it set for fifteen minutes and stir. Do this daily for at least 21 days.
  •  Ensure that the bedroom you sleep in is aired sufficiently during the day and before you sleep.
  •  Try lying on one’s side and/or using more pillows when sleeping. Alternatively, you could also sleeping on your stomach and using a neck roll in the place of a pillow.
  • Refrain from smoking cigarettes where you sleep and try to take your last cigarette three hours before you sleep.
  •  Singing regularly is also known to prevent snoring as it encourages proper breathing, right from the diaphragm which in turn opens up breathing passages.
  • You could also try testing what foods and ingredients you may be allergic to and removing them from your meals. This simple method can cure chronic snoring problems within two months.
  •   If you are overweight, it is necessary that you join a weight loss program in order to open up the breathing passages in your throat
  •  If you your snoring problem persists, it may mean that you have excess mucus within your breathing passages. To counter this, you may opt for nutritional supplements. Specifically, try the N-acetyl-cysteine (3000 to 5000 mg divided into doses) for a few weeks. This supplement is derived from amino acid cysteine which is very effective in clearing up excessive mucus.

In Conclusion......

It is important to note that while snoring is a common condition among people, there are a few herbal snore remedies, nutrients and supplements that are applicable to the condition. However, these remedies are excellent and powerfully effective in curing and preventing snoring.

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