Sore Throat Remedy Options

Have you tried using a sore throat remedy to soothing that scratchy throat? Oh! Scratchy throats……how unpleasant those are….

Before you reach for that next medicine you can get your hands on, consider the healing properties of sore throat remedies.

Lets look at what a sore thoat is, its causes, symptoms and of course which options you have in terms of remedies.

What is a Sore Throat and What Does it Mean?

A sore throat is a sore, scratchy unpleasant feeling that you get around the throat as a result of infections by virus and bacterial agents.

The mucus membrane that lines the throat inflames.

A sore throat is the body’s way of alerting to the fact that an infection is about to take place in your body that are more serious for example tonsillitis.

Why the Throat is Susceptible to Soreness?

The throat can be thought of as the single most vital passage in the respiratory system that fights against harmful viruses and bacteria.

It is essentially the front line in an army.

Therefore, if these viruses and bacteria breach that line, then, you are open to attacks up and down the air passages which include the lungs and the bronchial tubes.

That’s where the soreness comes in. From the bacteria and virus infecting on the throat.

What Causes Sore Throats?

  • Virus and bacteria
  • Prolonged lacked of sleep over a number of nights
  • Low immune system
  • Smoking and dust
  • Getting wet for example when you get rained on.
  • Prolonged exposure to dry air
  •  Prolonged exposure to cold
  • When fatigued over a period of time for example as a result of working too hard
  • Emotional turmoil for example when a loved one ill, or stress

What are the Symptoms of a Sore Throat?

  • Pain in the throat
  • Feeling of a dry or burning or stabbing throat
  •  Swollen and tender neck glands.
  • Fever and fatigue - Commonly comes with a cold.
  • A sore lump – This is caused by emotional turmoil
  • Hoarse voice – This means the larynx has been infected

Which Sore Throat Remedy to Choose?

Unlike many other illnesses such as coughs, any herbal sore throat remedy for the most part work for everyone as there aren’t any “types of sore throats”. Here is a few you can try today.

  • Use garlic (You can use the capsule as its odorless), thrice daily. It acts as a powerful antibiotic.
  • To relieve a hoarse voice chew on pimpernel roots
  •  If suffering from a dull fever and a feeling of a red and inflamed throat use Belladonna every 2 hours until pain is relieved. Consult your physician for dosages.
  •  If you have a dry throat, it becomes painful especially at night and you have bad breath, take 6c strength Mercurius Solubilis every 2/3 hours.
  •  Make herbal tea and include herb ingredients thyme, plantain, raspberry, tormentail and Echinacea.
  • Take Zinc lozenge supplements as it provides relief and boosts the immune system.
  •  Vitamin A is useful in restoring the mucus membrane
  • Gargle sage tea or linden flower tea or daisy tea a number of times per day soothes the throat as well as promotes healing.
  •  If you have a sore throat that doesn’t seem to disappear, take 4 tablets of Silicea a day and place under the tongue each time.
  • Vitamin C supplements provides a boost to the body’s immune system which help fight off the infection.
  • If you have just started getting a sore throat, 4 tablets of Calph sulph are ideal in stopping the progression of the infection. Place the tablets under your tongue every hour.

In Conclusion......

No matter which sore throat remedy you choose, it is important that you be consistent in your intake.  You can supplement the above remedies by keeping a good nutrition of fruits (especially citrus fruits), vegetables, whole grains and drink plenty fluids. Also avoid taking sugar.   Typically, a sore throat will last days or a week or so. If symptoms persist, it’s wise to contact a physician.

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