Supplements for Arthritis

Supplements for arthritis add much needed nutrients to the body that were otherwise not adequately supplied by the food consumed.

These supplements aid in the fight to reduce inflammation in the joints of those suffering from arthritis. In doing so, the pain is also alleviated.

What are some of the Supplements for Arthritis?

The most handy of arthritis supplements include evening primrose oil, vitamin c, selenium, bromelin, vitamin B complex, vitamin E and glucosamine sulphate.

Are They Taken in Dosages?

Yes. Typically, all supplements are taken daily in tablet form. They are taken three times a day. It is important that the individual suffering from arthritis strictly adheres to dosages and ingests them regularly as recommended for effectiveness to kick in.

What do the Supplements do for the Body?

Glucosamine Sulphate

They help in restoring damaged cartilages in the body as well as reducing inflammation flare ups in the joints. This particular supplement for arthritis should be taken on a long term basis and has no side effects. The supplements are a fusion of hydrogen, glucose and nitrogen. Dosages are 500 mg and are to be taken over four months. If taken as advised, positive effects may be seen as early as after one and a half months.

Vitamin C

They are one of the most important and beneficial supplements to an individual suffering from arthritis. They are particularly potent when taken with bioflavonoids in 1000 mg dosages thrice a day. The nutrient aids in reducing joint inflammations, improves joint flexibility and boosts the body’s immune system by providing extra support.

Evening Primrose Oil

These nutrients provide essential fatty acids to the body. It is one of the most commonly used supplements for arthritis sufferers. Evening primrose oil reduces joint inflammation. The nutrient should be taken in 500 mg dosages. For maximum results, take 2 tablets three times a day.


These supplements should only be taken on an empty stomach. They are beneficial in providing relief from pain caused by attacks as well as reducing inflammation and flare ups. They are advantageous as the person does not suffer from any side effects as a result of taking the supplements.  It should be taken 3 times a day in 500 mg doses.


These supplements prevent any further damage from occurring in the joints. Alongside vitamin C, they are anti-oxidants which give nutrients necessary to restore the cartilage and reduce inflamed joints. They should be taken in 200 mg doses.

Vitamin E and Vitamin B Complex

They are powerful antioxidants. Like selenium, the facilitate restoration of cartilage and reduce inflammation of the joints. Moreover, they boost the health of connective tissues found around joints. Vitamin E should be mixed in with tocopherold and taken twice a day in 400 IU dosages. Vitamin B on the other hand should be taken in 300 mg doses.

In Conclusion.....

Supplements for arthritis should be taken in variety at first for at least a few months before zeroing in on what particular one works best for your needs.  This is because individuals are different and so react differently to the supplements.

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